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Another occasion to touch the sky,
The last days before December, and
The full moon is glorious,
My heart feels so open,
Like the ground in spring after the chill of winter’s embrace,
Like the space between the tree branches that you can see the sky through,
Like the silvery brown open curls on the Hudson River swirling from rushing tides…
My heart feels so open,
I can touch almost everything with it…
The nervous pigeons on the edge of barren buildings awaiting the true winter snap,
The people in my neighborhood hunching under the weight of their economic burdens,
I heard the sound of a Special Friend’s voice tonight on a Full Moon, and
I can hear almost everything with my heart.
The music of the night wind carrying myriad voices to my red ears,
The grip of rubber tires on parched tar,
The subtle tired metal against metal of hinged restaurant doors opening and closing…
The night has come earlier and earlier.
The city lights seem more colorful as they cut through the Indigo night
Their rays lash out touching the glass and steel,
Illuminating our world …
But nothing shines so brightly as my heart tonight
Pairing my joy with the Fullness of the moon!
Like a polar bear on melting ice looking for food
I’m a little nervous, even in my joy.
I know this feeling will subside,
Like all things,
And so I gaze up,
The cold breath of Winter on my skin,
Trying not to blink,
I look up and hold close the bone white moon to the center of my mind.

Another Occasion to Touch the Sky 2011