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If I open my eyes to the true nature of the wind that blows high up on this sparkling undulating urban precipice ...this golden godly hotel rooftop overlooking the sparkly hudson
I can see the fabric of my world shifting with every blustery gust!
I am changed if I allow it.
My former "self" rides the wind like a great surfer from caifornia..."Dude"
Isee the nature of my very core mind
Undulating, metamorphosizing...
I am purified, no?
Hard to keep that clarity
I struggle and "pose" inside myself
To let go
So cliche
But the artifice of my very being clings to me as if stuck with glue
I ache
To extricate myself
Envisioning the night
Full night
Full moon
So grateful for the Guru's light!
I prostrate amongst all the stars
The inky blackness...I look to sink into it
Relinquishing my form
Becoming renewed and "reformed"
Like the blue clouds in the night sky
I gather and dissipate
I am "something" and "nothing"
LookinG down on a world that is equally vaporous
How do we maintain that beautiful equanimity?
I ramble because relative reality is altering my intention constantly! My eyes are sparkling like stars...but who can see that?!
Can I see the sparkling in other's eyes? Sometimes yes and sometimes they're like the wind blowing right by me and gone before I can catch it....like a butterfly eluding my net...
I am too soft
Lack rigor
I want to see the light in their eyes
Like leaves reaching for the sun
I yearn for ever more
Wanting less and less
And more and more
I laugh on this precipice
Howling at the moon like an animal thanking it for a night light for an imminent hunt
I am upon this
LonGing for my awakening
Sniffing the path
Achingly hungry
My eyes water at the thought of my
Long journey
I prostrate on the cold muddy earth
The forest of my mind hovering above me trying to blanket me
But I still see the moon
The light of the
Shimmering on the branches
And I am in a clearing instantly
Prostrating amongst the stars
My reach
My arms
I have cut them off with my teeth
My body arcs
I have cut my legs and severed myself in half
My eyes
Reach tothe Guru
I am white
For a moment
Like the light froma campfire's spark
I am truly