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Awake? : Losar 2017 year of the Red Rooster/Year of the Cock


Just a taste.

The swirl of the world jumps all over me like South American army ants

Nipping every surface inside and out.

The seeming pressures of the day play havoc with my inner urge to play,

To let the colors of the room

And my mood

Guide the hand that paints the world in utter liberty.

A breath,

Flickering light that bounces off of buildings into my windows

Reminding me…

Are we awake yet?

My little dog stirs from under the covers, panting from the heat.

I’m not sure.



Swallowing water from a viridian green bottle that sat on the floor, bedside,


Looking to the faces on the shrine,


Good morning.

Bare feet cross a coffee brown rug, and

A Stick of musky incense is lit.

Dust floats in a ray of morning light.

Walk the dog, go to work, make some calls, what time is it… Clients, money, shitting, bad diet, good scotch, disorientation, tears of loss and brushes with flourishing…fucking, dreaming, sleeping, texting “hahahaha” on a cel phone, mantras and mudras, painting, drinking, talking, resting impatiently in traffic, yes, yes, yes…

“To the Guru who ripped my eyelids off and permanently dented the world I live in I offer EVERYTHING”.

This morning, this moment, arise! I offer everything. If I can think of it, feel it, not feel it, this freedom is so sweet! Everything I offer. As it happens I give it away. To you, the good and the bad, who even knows what the hell that is(?), take it, burn it like the small red flame inside the stick of incense, dissolve and decimate the world as it unfolds, and let us taste the fresh flavor of our innermost Liberty. I make this offering so you may be appeased. May we realize the one taste within the essence of mind inseparable from the practice of the supreme and great yoga!