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"If for once
The scent of incense
Would remind me to dance in this world like a wisp of smoke I might be more flexible with unexpected hardship and confrontations with others.
If for once
The flowers on the shrine
Might remind me to open my heart so I might engage my compassion and empathy for the people I claim to love and others.
If for once
The thoughts in my head and the sounds of my life
Might remind me to not judge and opine so the world might be heard as music
I might be happy
I might benefit someone
I might not be the cause of pain and disorientation for others.
But this is not the case
I am intractable and the smallest things burn me like the red tip of the incense.
The smallest perceptions of others bind me and cut me like the thorns in the stems of flowers.
Every little thought consumes me, makes me dizzy, causing me to grasp and lash out recklessly.
May this madness subside just a little
Bringing unexpected benefit to myself and others!"

If for Once" 2017
If for Once" 2017